School Partnerships

The journey of preparing to get into a competitive college starts well before the SAT course.
The Princeton Review works with schools and teachers to prepare your students to get into top universities and programs. 

Early Edge

Early Edge is a uniquely designed program that gives students early preparation for the SAT and college. Early Edge courses put a new spin on Math and English Language instruction that combine foundational content and critical thinking with an introduction to standardized test-taking strategies.

Become a Princeton-Review Early Edge program provider
The Princeton Review provides the curriculum and trains your teachers to teach it.

Professional Development

Do your teachers know the SAT well? Have they taken it themselves? Are they ready to teach it? The Princeton Review has been researching and teaching the SAT for more than 30 years. We share what we know with your teachers.

Free Events

Invite the Princeton Review to speak to your students about the SAT, college admissions, etc…

You can also invite The Princeton Review to participate in your school events (university fair, career fair, etc.)


The Princeton Review trains your teachers and provide preparation kits for your students