Referral Discounts

Refer your friends to our programs. You will save money, and they’ll save money.


Refer a friend. You save LBP 100,000. Your friend saves LBP 100,000. When you sign up for a course, we’ll give you a personal promo code.

Pass it on to a friend and you’ll save money, if your friend uses your promo code at the time of registration.

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Commitment Discounts

You commit. We pay you back.


Save LBP 100,000, if you attend all classes and practice tests and complete at least 80% of the homework.

You should attend all classes at the scheduled times. You cannot reschedule any of your classes or practice tests to benefit from this offer.

You should complete the online drills with 100% accuracy. You can repeat the drills as many times as you want till you get a perfect score

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