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Our LiveOnline classes are not recorded. You’ll be in the class with a teacher and other students. The classes are interactive and engaging.

Our Course Features

40% of our summer 2019 students who reported their scores achieved 510+.  You can also do it.
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4-6 Expert instructors
All AAMC Material
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15 full-length practice tests
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500+ Videos
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11 books
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235 drills

Group Courses

Want the 510+ Score Guarantee?

Enroll in an MCAT Ultimate Course AND:

•  Attend all classes

•  Complete all diagnostics

•  Complete all customized homework assignments

•  Take 8 full-length online practice tests

•  Attend 32 Topic Focus sessions

•  Complete the 21-hour Psychology and Sociology Online Module

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MCAT LiveOnline

Say goodbye to scheduling and transportation woes. LiveOnline delivers the prep of our traditional in-person courses live to your computer. You can ask questions, interact with your fellow students and more – all from the comfort of your home. We record every lesson so you can review tough concepts anytime you want.

Specialists, not generalists

Your course will have four to six subject-matter experts, each uniquely certified in a topic area.

Our instructors will help you conquer fatty acid oxidation, nucleophilic substitution, quantum physics, and all the other challenging, complex topics bound to crop up on this high-stakes exam.

Meet the Fabulous Instructors Behind Your Success

7 MCAT subject-specific review books

  • MCAT Biochemistry Review
  • MCAT Biology Review, 2nd Edition
  • MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, 2nd Edition
  • MCAT General Chemistry Review, 3rd Edition
  • MCAT Organic Chemistry Review, 3rd Edition
  • MCAT Physics and Math Review, 3rd Edition
  • MCAT Psychology and Sociology Review, 3rd Edition

4 titles exclusive to our students for practice on passage-based MCAT style questions.

Our Self-Prep Plans

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Practice like it’s test day.

What’s driving your score? How close are you to your goal? And where should you focus for the greatest gains?

Interactive score reports provide detailed analysis of what you’ll need to focus on to improve.

Crafted by our best and most experienced instructors, these short videos target specific content areas so you can focus your review exactly where you need it, when you need it.

Watch our sample MedFlix videos:

Excitation, contraction, and coupling

Simple harmonic motion pendulums

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About The MCAT

Frequency: 13 times in 2020 (January 17 – September 12)

January 17, January 18, January 23, April 24, April 25

May 29, July 23, July 31, August 1, August 7, August 8,

September 11, September 12

Duration: 7 hours, 30 minutes

Registration fee:

More than 15 days before the exam= $435

More than 8 days before exam= $490


  Chemistry and Physics


  Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

  Psychology and Social Science

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is required for admission to most medical schools. The MCAT is computer–based and tests physical and biological sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing skills. In 2015, the AAMC added a new section called Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior. This section tests your ability to understand sociocultural, biological and psychological influences on behavior and social interactions as well as how people process emotion and stress. You'll only want to take this seven–and–a–half hour test once, so prepare as thoroughly as possible.


Admissions officers use the MCAT as a predictor of your success in medical school. The exam is designed to test the skills you'll use when you get there, including basic science, verbal reasoning, and writing ability. The MCAT is a 7½ hour, computer–based test that has the reputation of being one of the most challenging standardized tests.


In Canada, most schools weigh your MCAT scores very heavily. Some schools set minimum cut–off MCAT scores that applicants must meet in order to be considered.

Each individual section on the exam is scored using a 118 to 132 range, with a median score of 125. You'll receive a score for each section, plus an overall score. Total scores will be centered at 500, with ranges from 472 to 528.

Visit the  AAMC website to register for the date and location of your choice. 

Registration for the summer dates usually opens in February. 

We can help. We have prep solutions for every student and every budget.

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