Teach your kid how to code. The cool way.

Does your child speak “code”?

Technology has a language. It’s called code, and future jobs will require it. Like all languages, the younger your child learns it, the more fluent they’ll be at it.

What is Swift Playgrounds?

Swift Playgrounds is an app developed for middle school students to learn Swift in a fun and interactive way on their iPad.

Swift is an intuitive programming language created by Apple to make programming easier and more flexible.

It is the same language used to build iOS apps on iPhone and iPad. All 3.8 million of them.

The Swift Playground course gives your child a strong edge for STEM* university programs. Not only does it teach your child to build apps, but also to solve problems and work with others in creative ways These are essentials skills that will stay needed in the future.

Join a class!

Age Group: Grades 6 – 8
Length: 12 classes (2 hrs each)
Locations: Beirut & Antelias
Tuition & fees: $350

Think your child is a Brainiac?
Apply for a scholarship!

Students who are academically achieved and passionate about technology can apply for a scholarship by submitting:

1. A teacher’s recommendation letter
2. The most recent school report card
3. An essay, video, or sample project to explain why you should get the scholarship