Admissions Counseling for US Colleges
Beirut, Antelias, and Online

Submit outstanding applications to U.S. colleges.
We help Lebanese students get into the most selective US colleges.

The Complete Admissions Counseling Program

Our counselor will meet you many times to help you craft every aspect of your college application.


Craft a strategic college list.

We work with families to build an intelligent college list based on multiple factors.


Write powerful essays

Our unique essay brainstorming techniques allow students to create genuine personal essays that are not only powerful, but also match the culture of the colleges they have chosen.


Create a testing calendar

Families frequently ask us when a student should take the SAT/ACT, how many times they should take it, and whether Subject Tests are necessary. We create a timeline with our students, so that they have a clear picture of exactly which tests to take, when to take them, and how many times to take them.


Plan your activities

As no single activity looks better on an application than another, our goal is to ensure that our students are choosing activities that are both interesting and enjoyable.


Complete and submit the application.

We go through the application step by step with our students. There will be no mistakes, and every application will be as strong as possible.


Choose the college you will go to.

The best part comes when our students receive multiple acceptance letters and they are finding it difficult to choose. We support our students till they make their final college selections.

Top Colleges our Students Got Admitted to: